How to choose an air purifier

Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

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Manufacturer of premium quality ducted air purifiers

  Purely for health


For people with chemical sensitivities and for removing strong odours and chemicals. Great for removing VOCs from offices for improving workplace/ study productivity. For new homes or renovations, controlling paint, glue and new carpet odours. Convenient long replacement intervals. Refillable for lowest long term ownership cost.

Two carbon filter sets can be placed in series, in place of the HEPA for controlling industrial strength chemical odours. E.g. For Nail Salon


Replace: Approx. 3 - 5 years
Initial Contact efficiency:

​One refillable set 99.6%
Two sets in series 99.999%

Dimensions: 495 x 595 x 120mm
Adsorbent Mass:

One set: 8.5 kg

Two sets 17 kg
Adsorbent Media: Broad spectrum activated carbon. Special blends are available for specific chemical odours. E.g. nail salons

Large Filters

  • Improve Performance
  • Extend Filter Life
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce Waste
  • Save Resources
  • Save Electricity
  • Save Money

purely for health

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​Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

How to choose an air purifier

​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

Manufacturer of premium quality central air purifiers

Phone 03 8560 2111


   Medical Grade H12/ H13


Replace: Approx. 3 - 5 years
Particle removal efficiency:
EN1822: E12


99.9% - 99.99%@0.3 microns,
>99%@0.01 microns

Dimensions: 495 x 595 x 292mm
Mass: 5 kg
Media: Micro-fibre glass
Media area: Approx. 15 sqm

H12/H13 HEPA Filter 

Replace 3 - 5 years

$ 285.00 ​(per 4 yrs = 20 cents/day

Super fine all purpose Medical Grade HEPA. Each filter is individually tested and  Eurovent certified.



Heavy Duty Refillable Carbon Filter

Refill 3 - 5 years


Replace: Approx. 3 - 5 years
Particle removal efficiency:

EN1822: H13


99.996%@0.3 microns,
>99.996%@0.01 microns

Dimensions: 495 x 595 x 292mm
Mass: 6.3 kg
Media: Borosilicate micro-fibre
Media area: Approx. 14.5 sqm.

For locations with nuisance levels of outdoor pollution (E.g. wood smoke, cigarette smoke and traffic fumes). Use in place of our H12/H13 HEPA 

Made with extra fine H13/H14 HEPA paper, specially selected for low air flow resistance and large dust holding capacity.


Dimensions: 495 x 595 x 24mm
Carbon/Adsorbent Mass: 1.7kg
Replace: 12 - 18 months

For general purpose VOC and odour reduction.

Filled with broad spectrum activated carbon and mineral adsorbent pellets that target common indoor gases and odours: formaldehyde, benzene, and many other indoor and outdoor VOCs.

Pre-Filter: Camfil - AP11

Replace 1year

$19.50 (per yr = 5 cents/day)

(equivalent to 5.4 cents per day)

Manufactured with extra pleats for large dust holding capacity and long service life.


Replace: Approx. 1 year

Dimensions: 495 x 595 x 45mm
Initial Efficiency: F5
Replacement Efficiency: F7 - F8

   Medical Grade H13/H14

H13/H14 HEPA Filter

Replace 3 - 5 years

$ 295.00 ​(per 4 yrs = 20 cents/day

We stock a range of professional long life filters to cater for the variety of circumstances from general applications through to strong smoke and chemical odours. 

Filter Loading Configurations: 

Home and Office applications:    

Pre-Filter + HEPA        Or      Pre-filter + Carbon + HEPA          

Industrial applications (strong chemical odours):      

Pre-Filter + HD Carbon + HEPA    (e.g.. paint shop office, nail salon)

VOC & Odour Filter: Sanctuary Air - Carbon250
Replace 12-18 months

$ 89.50   (per 15 months = 20 cents/day)

Whole house air purifier - Replacement Filters