• Fewer sick days
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Higher productivity
  • Odour removal.

Why we need a HEPA air purifier

Natural ventilation is inadequate

Natural ventilation reduces indoor air pollutant concentrations by introducing outdoor air through open windows and doors. However, it is restricted by the outdoor air quality, weather conditions, outdoor noise levels and safety concerns.

Indoor air quality has declined

In response to increasing energy cost, new building constructions have reduced heat transfer and air infiltration through walls, windows and doors. However, these energy efficiency gains often come at the cost of reduced ventilation; The accumulation of air pollutants in buildings has increasingly become a health issue.

HEPA filters remove airborne PM1

New research identifies PM1 particles as the most harmful particles of all. At 0.01 - 1 micron they can directly enter our blood and internal organs and lead to tumors, cardiovascular diseases and premature deaths. PM1 is generated from smoke, road traffic and industrial processes.


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How to choose an air purifier

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​Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

Clean Home with Central HEPA Air Purifier
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  1. Questions About Your Community: Indoor Air, US EPA
  2. Indicator: A-22 Concentration of Particles PM10 and PM2.5 in urban areas, The State of the Air Report SoE 2006 by Australian Department of the Environment

Whole House Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality matters

What we breathe in is just as important to our health as what we eat and drink:

Children are more 

vulnerable to air pollution​:​

  • Children breathe more than adults per unit body weight,
  • Children's respiratory system and immune system are still developing,
  • Children are more susceptible to develop asthma...


The Sanctuary Air Difference

  • Ventilation: Our HEPA air purifiers can directly filter and supply ventilation air. It prevents dampness, and the dangerous accumulation of CO from gas appliances
  • Inaudible noise: absolutely essential for undisturbed sleep
  • Energy Efficiency: Operates 24/7 at maximum air speed with low running cost
  • Long-life filters: reduce ownership cost
  • Doesn't consume floor space
  • Whole house positive pressure.  Prevents infiltration of outdoor dust and allergens

​Whole house air purifier components

1) Central HEPA Air Purifier 

It houses the HEPA filter and Carbon filter, and has it's own energy efficient air mover. Normally the HEPA air purifier is installed in the roof or under the floor where it can connect throughout your home via hidden ductwork, To see our range of HEPA air Purifiers   click here

2) Connecting Ductwork

On the output side, ducts connect the HEPA Air Purifier to any room or indoor space.

On the intake side, the HEPA air purifier can select from indoor air, outdoor ventilation air, pre-heated ventilation air from your loft, or any combination of these.

If you already have ductwork installed for your heating or cooling system, we can connect the central air purifier to your ductwork and outlets.


A little about us...

Sanctuary Air is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business. Our Central HEPA Air Purifiers are assembled in Melbourne Australia from the finest components available. 

We are currently installing HEPA air purifiers throughout Victoria and South Australia, in Family homes, Business offices, Co-working office spaces, and Aged care facilities.

Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

Air Purifier - Proven Benefits


​​​​​​HEPA Air Purifiers, Whole-House Ducted 

In the air purifier world, ductedHEPA air purifiers are bee's knees - the first choice for every critical air quality application including hospital operating theaters.

At Sanctuary Air, we supply and install ducted HEPA air purifiers that deliver real measurable air quality improvements in homes and businesses. Our systems solve dust, smoke, road traffic exhaust, allergen, condensation and ventilation problems.

Why choose a whole house air purifier?

It's all about creating a healthy home - all rooms - all times - without producing fan noise or consuming valuable floor space. Home is where we spend most of our time making it the most important place for clean air......more

Ducted air purifiers Vs Portable HEPA air purifiers

Add a medical grade HEPA filter to our whole house air purifier and it will do everything that several portable HEPA air purifiers do, and more...

​How? Our ducted air purifiers have three powerful air cleaning tools not provided by portable air purifiers.

  1. Direct filtering and supply of ventilation air
  2. ​Whole-house positive pressure. It prevents dust and allergens from entering your home in the first place 
  3. Ability to operate at maximum air speed without noise

Together these provide indoor air quality that is difficult to match with multiple portable air purifiers.

Ventilation and why it's important​

In some European countries it's mandatory to install mechanical ventilation in new homes (that's fan-forced ventilation as opposed to passive ventilation). Sanctuary Air whole house air purifiers include it.  It's perhaps the most important element in a healthy home. Why is ventilation so important?     ....read more

Energy efficiency - it is worth it !

A key difference at Sanctuary Air is we've worked hard to make our HEPA air purifiers the world's most energy efficient. The pay-off for home owners is handsome. It allows the air purifier to be operated at maximum speed 24/7.

If you are looking to clean air in more than one room, then owning our ducted whole house air purifier is probably more economical than owning two portable HEPA air purifiers. It all comes down to our long-life filters and energy efficiency paying off long term. 

Quality Australian Made Ducted Air Purifiers

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How to choose an air purifier

​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series