​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

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How to choose an air purifier

Children are more 

vulnerable to air pollution​:​

  • Children breathe more than adults per unit body weight,
  • Children's respiratory system and immune system are still developing,
  • Children are more susceptible to develop asthma...


How to choose an air purifier

Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

purely for health

Phone03 8560 2111

​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

The Sanctuary Air Difference

  • Extra-large long life medical gradeHEPAfilter  effectively  removes the full spectrum of particulates;
  • Ducted system  consumes no floor space while purifying a large volume of air in all rooms within your home;
  • The most energy efficient whole home ducted purifier on the Market, running 24/7 economically;
  • Inaudible noise  level: absolutely essential for undisturbed sleep;
  • Whole house positive pressure  prevents infiltration of outdoor allergens;
  • Ventilation air is included - we don't just recycle indoor air. We clean and supply your ventilation air at the required rate for your home.

Purified air is proven to

reduce sick days, improve

cognitive skills, improve wellbeing, raise productivity, reduce cleaning costs, remove nuisance odours, and protect valuables

Why do we need an air purifier?

Natural ventilation is inadequate

Natural ventilation reduces indoor air pollutant concentrations by introducing outdoor air through open windows and doors. However, it is restricted by the outdoor air quality, weather conditions, noise level and safety concerns.

Indoor air quality has declined

In response to increasing energy cost, new building construction techniques have reduced heat transfer and air infiltration through walls, windows and doors. However, these energy efficiency gains often come at the cost of reduced ventilation; The accumulation of air pollutants in buildings has increasingly become a health issue.

Manufacturer of premium quality central air purifiers

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​Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

Indoor air quality matters

What we breathe in is just as important to our health as

what we eat and drink: