When creating a healthy home, there is nothing better than a low maintenance, HEPA air purifier that serves your entire premises.

Our Whole House ducted systems are unique in that they combine a HEPA Air Purifier and a Home Ventilation System into one product, to provide a complete clean air solution.

Medical Grade HEPA Air Purifier

Designed and Assembled in Australia

$1850 Standard Unit + gst

Clean Air Delivery Rate: 50 to 240 L/s 

Power Consumption: 10 to 68 Watts

$2150 Premium Unit + gst

Clean Air Delivery Rate: 140 to 315 L/s
Power Consumption: 35 to 133 Watts

With Eurovent Certified H11 HEPA performance (MERV 16), this package boasts the fastest air flow rate and outstanding energy efficiency. Fast air flow through this HEPA Air Purifier enables the system to generate more positive pressure in your home during strong winds and asthma storms. Positive pressure is important because it helps prevent fine dust and pollen from entering through door and window seals. A great unit for keeping your home clean .


  • Extremely Low in Maintenance
  • Robust & Energy Efficient
  • Standard models suit homes up to 25 squares
  • Premium models suit homes up to 33 squares


Eurovent Certified Medical Grade H12/13 HEPA, plus activated carbon for odours. A great all rounder with excellent floor coverage and energy efficiency.

$1950 Standard Model + gst
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 47 to 230 L/s
Power Consumption: 11 to 76 Watts

$2250 Premium Model + gst
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 140 to 300 L/s
Power Consumption: 38 to 148 Watts 

Designed and Assembled in Australia

Designed and Assembled in Australia

Medical Grade HEPA Air Purifier

​Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

How to choose an air purifier

​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Seriess

Three year parts & labour warranty

Clean Home with Central HEPA Air Purifier

How to choose an air purifier

Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

  Purely for health


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Purifier & Ductwork Installation

We provide professional installation throughout most of Victoria and parts of South Australia. Our service starts with a no-obligation free in-house assessment and quote. Should you decide to proceed, we supply all the components and install everything hassle free. Installed systems include an indoor air intake as well as a ventilation air intake either from outside, from the loft or from both.  A wall mounted controller allows you to select the air intake source to take advantage of natural heating and cooling during Summer and Winter. The central air purifier can be installed with its own fully independent duct network or connected to your existing heating or cooling outlets.

For a free home assessment and quote, Contact us using the form below or phone us on (03) 8560 2111.

Filter Replacement Service

Pre-filters and carbon filters are pretty easy to change but we can also do it for you.  We recommend that the first pre-filter change is done by us so we can assess the rate of dust loading and run a HEPA test. It allows us to predict the most economical filter change intervals for your location going forward.

Pre-filters are usually changed just once a year. HEPA filters are changed every 3 to 5 years. HEPA filters can be changed by the home owner with careful handling but as this is only once every 3 - 5 years, we prefer to do it for you to ensure everything seals perfectly.

Flexible Ductwork Repairs & Upgrades 

Does your heating and cooling system have worn out ducts? Are they full of dust and making you ill? Are your heating and cooling energy costs too high? It might be time to upgrade to the new Australian Standard. 

We remove old R0.6 ducts and upgrade them to new energy efficient R1.0 R1.25, R1.5 or R2.0 ducts. Ask us for a quote.

DIY Installation - Advice & Support

Are you experienced with home renovation projects? Able to work safely in roof spaces or under the floor? Have all the tools and safety gear? Then you might be interested in our DIY install option. 

We offer all the free DIY tips and safety advice you need to get your system running.  Purchase a central air purifier and we'll design a duct network to suit your floor plan and advise where to pick-up your duct components at trade prices.

Our DIY Install service and freight service extends Australia-wide. Contact us for more information.

Asthma Storm Protection, Dust & Hayfever, Home Ventilation Systems


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HEPA Air Purifier for Asthma Storm, Dust, Hay Fever & Home Ventilation Systems

The Central HEPA Air Purifier Unit and ductwork usually install in the roof or under the floor for noise-free operation, allowing the home owner to gain full benefit from the system.

Ask us about professional installation and our free home assessment and quote. Please use the contact form below or call us on (03) 8560 2111 - we are always pleased to help. 


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​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

 03 8560 2111

Quality Australian Made Ducted Air Purifiers

Eurovent Certified Performance

All central units come with a built-in air mover, long-life filters, air speed remote control, easy plug-in mains power chord and standard duct collars ready to connect. Models differ by their filter set and air speed but each model is compatible with our full range of replacement HEPA filters.

Central Air Purifier for Asthma, Allergies & Smoke

Medical Grade HEPA Air Purifier for Asthma, Allergies and Smoke

Comes with the finest HEPA filter available - Medical Grade H13/14. Removes all traces of nuisance smoke. Includes activated carbon to adsorb odours.

​with Medical Grade HEPA
Designed and Assembled in Australia for Aussie Homes & Businesses
Low running cost        Low maintenance        ISO 9001        AS/NZS1668.2         AS/NZS 60335.1          RoHS Compliant         MEPS

$1950 Standard Model + gst
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 40 to 210 L/s
Power Consumption: 12 to 90 Watts

$2250 Premium Model + gst
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 140 to 280 L/s
Power Consumption: 45 to 165 Watts

HEPA Air Purifiers  - Central Units

for Whole House Air Purifiers & Home Ventilation Systems


purely for your health

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