SA-250 Series 

Power level (on max. speed)
Standard - up to140 sqmPremium - up to 185 sqmXL - up to 260 sqm
Power (H11 HEPA + Carbon)
75 W
160 W
330 W
Flow Rate (H11 HEPA + Carbon)
227  l/s
300 l/s
420 l/s
2 x Remote Control Handsets

System Housing

1mm steel, VOC free, environmentally friendly baked powder-coat.


1150mm x 680mm x 560mm
35 kg (fully assembled including filters)
Filter Hatch
400mm x 560mm
European engineered VOC free

Air Mover
Made in Germany
Aerodynamically Optimised. Extremely Robust. Energy Efficient.
Operating Temperature
-25 to 70 degrees C
Life expectancy (24/7 operation)
>15 years

Pleated F5 - F8 media, efficiency 40 to 95%
Extend HEPA filter lifespan by removing medium-coarse particulates 0.5 to 10 microns
Replacement Interval
1 year

HEPA Filter
Option  1) H11 99% at 0.3um,           Option   2) Medical grade H13  99.996%@0.3um
To remove sub-micron particulates
Filter Media
Borosilicate micro-fibreglass
Media Area
15 m2
6.3 kg
495mm x 595mm x 292 mm
Replacement Interval
3 to 5 years depending on environment

Molecular Filter
Activated Carbon and Mineral Adsorbents

Remove odours and synthetic chemicals from the indoor environment

Heavy Duty Refillable - high efficiency, long life
General home and office use                              
Strong odours and chemicals, hobby and industrial activities, gluing, paint shop, nail salon etc. 
515mm x 635mm x 26 mm
495mm x 595mm x 292 mm                                         

Mass (carbon/adsorbent)

2.5 kg
Large 8.5kg (99.6%) or Extra-Large 17kg (99.99%) options
Replacement Interval
1 year
3 to 5 years

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Clean Home with Central HEPA Air Purifier

​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Seriess

The Total Clean Air Solution

To receive full benefit from clean air, your purifier should clean all occupied rooms within your premises 24/7 economically. To this end we designed the SA-250, the most energy efficient whole home ducted air purifier available today. Robust construction ensures decades of un-interrupted operation

purely for your health

Three year parts & labour warranty

3 Simple Steps to install a Sanctuary Air Whole Home Ducted Air Purifier

  1. Contact us by phone or email to express your interest. We will arrange an obligation free pre-installation assessment to fine tune our TOTAL CLEAN AIR SOLUTION package for your premises , for example, number and position of outlets etc.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the package and have paid a deposit,  we will arrange for our installer to visit at your convenience. It takes a single working day to complete the task.
  3. Post installation, our quality inspector will verify the installation and effectiveness.

Call us now on 03 8560 2111

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Medical Grade HEPA Filter

Our genuine medical grade H13 HEPA filter and molecular adsorption filter  mechanically remove the full spectrum of airborne particulates including bacteria, viruses, and traffic fumes without any chemical reactions, generating no ozone or by-products such as  harmful gas phase molecules and nuisance odours that can be found with electronic filters.


Acoustic damping and acoustic isolation ensure that the SA-250 is rendered virtually inaudible on all air speeds so you can enjoy clear nasal breathing and undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Environmentally Responsible Construction

Good for you and the environment. Made from RoHS compliant components, VOC free powder coat, VOC free European sealant, and recyclable materials.

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Quality Australian Made Ducted Air Purifiers

  Purely for health

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Energy Efficient

The SA-250 is the most energy efficient ducted HEPA air purifier available today. Every component in the power chain has been designed to generate savings in electricity usage; the power supply, the aerodynamically optimised air mover, the choice of filter media and area and our careful management of the air flow path to minimise momentum changes. To serve a whole house it consumes just 76 Watts at maximum speed, costing about 50 cents per day. 

Large Coverage Area

The SA-250 can supply eight standard rooms with Medical grade H13 HEPA filtered air, at 3.5 air changes per hour. We understand every home and the needs of people are different, so every installation is tailored to deliver the best result for your home.


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​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

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