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Whole House Air Purifier with Ventilation

There are many advantages to including ventilation air

  • Ventilation air is cleaned by the HEPA air purifier before it enters your home. Superior to cleaning air pollutants after they enter your home  
  • Cleaned ventilation air is supplied with positive pressure. It stops dust and other air pollutants entering through door and window seals in the first place.
  • Ventilation air can be supplied at the required rate for the number of people in your home
  • Ventilation air improves cognitive skills by reducing indoor CO2 levels. [1]

​​The SANCTUARYAIR  difference

7 Reasons to choose a ducted Whole House Air Purifier

Central HEPA Air Purifier ducted to each room

purely for your health

2) Whole House HEPA Air Purifier costs less to own than two portable HEPA purifiers

​If you plan to clean air in more than one room, the most economical choice, long term, is probably a whole house system. Many portable air purifiers have electricity and replacement filter costs that exceed the initial price of the unit in just 2 -3 years!  This is never the case with our whole house HEPA Air Purifiers.

We combine a giant, long life medical grade HEPA filter with the most energy efficient fan and power supply we could find anywhere. The long-term result is lower ownership cost.

​Electricity cost, to serve your entire home, is less than that of a typical one-room portable purifier. 

   there's no better way to create a healthy home

1) HEPA Air Purifier with Ventilation

Ventilation is perhaps the single most important element in a healthy home. Ignore it and we risk serious health issues or costly mould problems. Poor ventilation even becomes dangerous when negative pressure within a home draws in combustion CO from outdoor gas appliances. 

HEPA air purifiers are the gold standard for removing harmful smoke & fine particles, but ventilation is the only way to remove CO from gas appliances, or exhaled CO2, or excess dampness. There is no alternative. A complete clean air solution requires the HEPA air purifier to include ventilation air. 

How do I install a 

Whole House Air Purifier?

  1. Contact us to arrange a FREE in-house assessment and quote.  
  2. To proceed,  we set a date for our installers to visit at your convenience. It takes a single working day to install your system.
  3. Post installation, we verify your system's  effectiveness with a sub-micron laser particle counter.

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​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

Whole House Air Purifier - Air Quality Measurement

​Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

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4) Clean Air without Fan Noise

HEPA filters capture more than 99.97% of airborne particles but to meaningfully improve air quality, it is necessary to turn up the air purifier's fan speed.

With most air purifiers a high fan speed creates a noise problem but Whole House Air Purifiers are different. Separate from living spaces, they are quiet, even on maximum speed. 

Why is it important?

For undisturbed sleep. More time is spent in the bedroom than in any other room - the bedroom is the most important room for clean air and the most important room for noise control. According to  the World Health Organisation - Night Noise Guidelines [2], sleep disturbance begins at a whisper quiet 35 dB.


Block out ambient noise too

Our ducted HEPA air purifiers also allow you to close doors and windows during sleep. The system continuously replaces room air throughout the night and supplies steady ventilation.

3) Reduce Cleaning & Vacuuming

We all know cleaning is time consuming and costly, and every time we do it we risk damage to furniture and valuables.

Clean Air   =   Less Cleaning

Our ducted air purifiers supply air that is completely free of dust, 24/7, and the gentle positive pressure throughout your home helps stop dust entering in the first place. It protects floors, furnishings and valuables, and the parts of your home that are difficult to clean will remain clean for longer and the cleaning frequency may be reduced by up to 50 per cent.​​



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“We are very pleased with the air purifying systems and everything involved with the installation. Heart-felt thank you.” Steve & Lisa, Bordertown SA

“There has been a massive improvement in Monty's health,  particularly his coughs and constant sneezing so it's a win all round!” Dan, Maidstone VIC

"Very happy with the system and extremely happy with the customer service. We live on a main road and have noticed a definite improvement with the air quality. Thank you." Siena, Northcote VIC

''Since having our air purification system installed our house has a cleaner feel. The air is always fresh and there are no stale or mouldy smells. Most importantly, our son has ceased his incessant sneezing and coughing caused by allergies all together and we couldn't be happier about this. The system is discrete looking and silent too, a massive bonus! We are really pleased about the health benefits of this air purifier” Laura, VIC​

6) Whole house air purifiers provide superior air quality 

Of course we would say that. Everyone selling air purifiers makes a similar claim but to prove it we need to measure air quality in the actual environment where the product is intended, not in a laboratory under special conditions or in an isolated test enclosure but to test the actual product in a real home.

So we set up a laser particle counter in the living room of a suburban home and took air quality measurements before and after turning on our whole house air purifier. Please observe the measured result in the chart below because proof only comes in real solid data. After one hour of operation we measure a 95% reduction in smoke, pollens and dust. The indoor air becomes 20x cleaner than outdoor air.

Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

7) Bonus Heat Transfer Options 

  • Access the free heat in your roof cavity during winter
  • Access cool night air during summer
  • Transfer heat from warm rooms to cold rooms
  • Connect to existing duct outlets or to new outlets


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