​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

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​​Sanctuary Air SA-250 Series

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Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

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​Indoor Air Pollution Fact Checks

Manufacturer of premium quality central air purifiers

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  Purely for health

How to choose an air purifier

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How to choose an air purifier

About us

Sanctuary Air is a 100% Australian owned and operated business based in Melbourne. We design, manufacture and install premium quality ducted air purifiers that solve common indoor air quality problems.

Sanctuary Air advocates a clean sustainable environment and engages in waste minimization, recycling, and energy efficient technologies and practices. We support efforts to improve national air quality standards..

With our strong focus on energy efficient design and robust construction, our ducted air purifiers have superior performance, a small carbon footprint, and reduced long-term ownership costs.

Quality Australian Made Ducted Air Purifiers

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Senior Staff

Rick Stanley B.E.(Elec), B.Sc.(Phys)

General Manager

Industrial CAD Design, Electronics

Engineering,  Air Purification 

Product Development.